Your Job Search While Unemployed: Unemployment Tip #015

One’s job search and unemployment go hand-in-hand.  People who have or are collecting unemployment benefits can reduce risk by doing the following.  Today’s tip is about asking applicants in Minnesota whether they are doing everything they can to protect their  benefits from an audit.

This is my 15th unemployment tip in a running series I hope offers value to unemployed workers. Because I am very empathic to unemployed employees conducting their job searches and due to this process having an impact on benefits, I wanted to make 15 suggestions based on feedback from my Clients.

job search
Job Search

Very likely, you have never seen an outline quite like this, with the intent of reducing a DEED audit.  Nonetheless, I hope these help:

Unemployment Tip # 015 – Record keeping should be a priority during a job search.  Any person who has requested or received unemployment benefits is vulnerable to an audit.  If you don’t have a written record, start by writing down everything you remember.  I would rather see an Applicant try to recall a situation versus an auditor making assumptions that are untrue.  

In no particular oder, here are my 15 bonus tips:

#15 Twitter and Your Job Search

After getting unemployment benefits, the next step is finding a job.  Job searches today are different from this same process some 5-10 years ago.  Twitter is a great resource for job opportunities.  If you are hesitant with creating a public profile, create a dummy profile with the intent of using it to “find” jobs.  When looking, consider hashtags like:

  • #job
  • #jobsearch
  • #careers
  • #jobs
  • #jobposts
  • #Hiring

Here is an example of what you might see.

#14 Visit Small Businesses

In my experience working with “small” businesses, finding employees and workers is unique.  As a result, try visiting them in-person and asking if they have opportunities available.  Do not be afraid of being dressed for the part you want.  Of course, if the answer is no, do not leave empty-handed.  Start collecting business cards from anybody and everybody.

**I am told from my unemployed clients that this tactic has produced the best results.  

#13 Trick Big Business

As you already have found out, big businesses are different.  Their job submission process is different.  Sometimes, big companies make applicants answer questions in addition to submitting a resume.

Luckily, you are smart enough in your job search that you see value in creating a bogus profile and working  through the submission process with the intent of acquiring their job questions such that you have time to think, write, and submit rock solid answers.

#12 Job Search with Facebook Dark Posts

Is there a company you are trying to get in front of, but are striking out?  Think like an advertiser and connect with employees of a business who have hiring power.  Next, send them to your LinkedIn account.  How?  By using a Dark Post.  Most folks are skeptical that their job search process will improve by using a dark post.  See for yourself how this might help:

#11 Cross Reference Job Posts

Searching for a job through an on-line website makes sense.  But, as soon as you nail down a job that you want to seek, consider visiting the job / career link for the company you are interested in.  T

hen, determine if they have an additional job submission process.  Also, try to determine if they’re posting is current or outdated.  The punch line:  a lot of good information can be found by cross referencing job boards.  This in turn will improve your job search process and reduce your unemployment anxiety.

#10 Resume Updates

For some jobs, a resume is not needed.  For those who depend on their resume, please keep it updated.  If you need help updating your resume, check out a resume writing service like ResumePlant.  No, I have no affiliation with them.

Of course, there are many others out there.  For a couple hundred dollars, you can turn a year 2005 resume into an updated resume.

#09 College and Vocational Sites

Just because you haven’t been to school in decades doesn’t mean the career counselor or job board at the school you last attended cannot assist with your process.  Now is the time to reestablish that connection.

#08 Third-Party Organizations

I dislike job recruiters and temp agencies.  I see a ridiculous number of unemployment appeals as a result of temp agencies.  If this is a necessity for your job search process, be extremely cautious.

#07 Local Newspaper

Forget the online version.  Instead, buy a Sunday paper and check out their job section.  Just because other unemployed folks have suggested the newspaper business is dead doesn’t mean you cannot find something useful in their job section.  Also, do not forget the local town newspapers too.

#06 Global Economy

The job market has changed.  If you have a skill that is transferable on-line, by all means, do not be afraid of telecommuting.

#05 Don’t Hand Out Your Resume

Handing out resumes at a job fair is old school.  You can be better and smarter at your job search process.  Handing out a resume should not feel like handing in an assignment in school.  Use your time to acquire business cards and asking questions for the type of jobs “they” need help with.

Then, follow-up and tailor your resume to match their needs.

#04 Hand Out Business Cards is a Job Search

Buy hundreds of business cards.  Add your contact information.  Because privacy is a big deal, limit your business card to your name, phone number and an e-mail address.  Next, have this on your purse at all times.  Then, hand them out to anybody you know and see.

#03 Volunteer To Improve Your Job Search

For goodness sakes, get out of the house once in a while.  Being unemployed is depressing.  Helping others tends to lift our spirits.  Even if you are limited to a few hours, consider giving more and expecting less.  This strategy is very effective in the long-run.

#02 Visit the Elderly

I know this is a strange thing to add to one’s job search process.  But, you know somebody who is older than you.  I promise, they would rather be young and in your shoes.  For me, nothing is more beneficial to my work ethic than knowing I will die someday.  Thus, visit the elderly as a reminder that one’s self that they have something others do not: time.

Job Search Tip #01 – Track Your Process

Finally, track your job search activities.  In my law practice, the folks who can produce records of their job seeking process have a greater opportunity of success with an appeal.