Does Unemployment Nice Really Work?

Unemployment nice is a term I use to describe a losing strategy used by many applicants trying to acquire unemployment benefits.

Being nice to your pet builds a strong bond.  Being nice to the unemployment office helps when you need administrative assistance.  However, using unemployment nice is not an effective legal strategy when you are trying to prove your eligibility.Unemployment Nice

Unemployment Nice does not work

Look, every piece of information an applicant gives to the unemployment office needs to support your eligibility for benefits.  Instead, you may inspire an audit from the unemployment office by:

  • Being whimsical,
  • Describing your medical history,
  • Identifying an error or mistake,
  • Telling them about your vacation,
  • Explaining your educational aspirations,
  • Asking if certain income will count against your wages,
  • Or telling the unemployment office about your job application process.

Because most people do not like the idea of being audited or scrutinized, please be ready for anything and everything.

Unemployment Nice with your Judge

Absolutely, every person should be nice to their unemployment law judge (“ULJ”).  Unemployment nice is different from being polite.  Time and time again I hear or see applicants trying to play the nice card as if it will help them acquire benefits.

Yes, most unemployment law judges will see right past this and you need to have your ducks in a row.

Unemployment Nice with administrative stuff

Yes, be nice to the people answering phone calls to assist you with access to your unemployment account or password.  But, restrict the temptation to tell your story just to see what “they” might think.

Instead, access free resources and conduct your own legal research by comparing your case to publicized decisions.

Unemployment strategies that work better

If you need help figuring out what to do, what to say, correcting an error or combating a lie, please consider contacting me for help.