Unemployment Tip # 011 – Unemployment Research

Conducting unemployment research for an unemployment appeal is way more complicated than conducting a Google search.

Sure, doing a quick search online makes sense as a starting point, but the law or legal issue you are researching is going to take a little more work.

Unemployment Research

Unemployment Tip # 011 – Every Applicant conducting DIY legal research for an unemployment claim or appeal should put down their phone and go directly to Minnesota’s exclusive law library or their nearest County Law Library .”

Unemployment Research Starting Point

Unfortunately, there isn’t a strong public website that helps people conduct free unemployment research.  Ideally, applicants, employees, workers, etc. are using one of three sites:

  • WestLaw
  • LexisNexis
  • FastCase

Even more disappointing, these resources cost money to utilize.  Generally, this is an advantage of seeking help from a lawyer.  Even more significant, doing legal research on “legal issues” only works when folks know what it is that they are researching.   Generally, errors of law or constitutional issues tend to be a little more challenging for people to see as an issue.

Nonetheless, Do It Yourself legal research is not impossible, provided people are able to access the three legal websites referenced above.

Researching Unemployment Legal Issues

Identifying a specific legal issue is an art based on experience and education.  Sometimes, the unemployment office will suggest an issue like eligibility or employment misconduct.  Sometimes, reading the letters submitted by DEED can be very helpful in the process of catching garden-variety legal issues.  Other times, this has the opposite effect and sends folks on a wild goose chase.

Thus, knowing this can be important.

Why You Should Care About Unemployment Research

In case it is not obvious, doing research during the unemployment appeal process is important because unemployed workers can use other cases to support their claim.  For example, imagine finding a published case that matches one’s circumstances.  Well, this would be very helpful to one’s claim.

As an alternative, imagine finding a similar case that weakened one’s claim for benefits.  Knowing this would be just as significant so one did not duplicate legal arguments that have failed in the past.

Thus, legal research for your upcoming unemployment appeal is important.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

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