MN Unemployment Login: BE SMART

MN Unemployment LoginDo not use your MN Unemployment login to request your weekly benefits just yet.

I believe every question asked by the Minnesota unemployment office is designed to deny benefits.

Thus, the Minnesota unemployment login process should be viewed with extreme caution.

What happens once you log into your unemployment account?

Once you input your social security number and acquire a 6 digit password for your MN unemployment login page, you will be asked to answer yes and no questions to prove your eligibility.

Don’t answer any question going forward on a whim, a chance, a hope, or because you believe you are right.

Although the questions appear to be straight forward, the terms referenced are specifically defined by Minnesota law.

What type of questions do you need to know how to answer?

First, you need a plan.  Every answer to every question needs to align with a law that supports your claim for benefits.

Using your MN unemployment login, you need to be prepared to answer or respond to questions like:

  1.  What was your last physical day of work?
  2. Did you quit your job or were you discharged (fired) from your job?
  3. What act or actions caused your job to end?
  4. What evidence supports your claim for benefits?

Do you need a lawyer to help you with your MN Unemployment login?

If you find value and peace of mind seeking help answering questions to your claim for benefits, then it is worth meeting with a lawyer for help.

First, a claim for unemployment can be worth up to approximately $17,500.  Meeting with a lawyer for a short period of time to get your ducks in a row can only help.

Look, being unemployed stinks.  Being unemployed and not receiving benefits is worse.