Why thinking like an Unemployment Loser will help you Win

unemployment loserBeing an unemployment loser is painful.  I believe every worker deserves who quits or gets discharged deserves unemployment benefits.

Even more, I believe approaching an appeal requires diligence and preparing for a victory.

On the other hand, here is why I like the idea of thinking as a loser to help applicants be more successful.

Unemployment loser with your application

The first step in losing a claim is filling out an application for benefits as if you have no idea what the law is.  Every successful applicant should respond to their unemployment application as if Minnesota wants to prevent them from collecting benefits.

There are two parties who want you to go away:

  • Your former employer, and
  • Minnesota.

Okay, perhaps I am being a little drastic with Minnesota’s unemployment process.  However, let us not forget that THEY are the administer of benefits and have the power to prevent or stop future payments.

For this reason, I encourage all applicants to know and understand rule 268.095 before filling out their application.

Unemployment loser during your appeal hearing

The second step in losing a claim for unemployment benefits is assuming an appeal is not in the cards.   In fact, earlier this week, a person told me they could not believe their approval for benefits turned into a denial of benefits.

Here is why:  your former employer has a vested interest in whether you are successful.  Even if Minnesota approves your benefits and an applicant receives a letter stating they are eligible, a former employer has the right to file an appeal.

Yes, an appeal hearing can be scary.  Phone hearings are scary because most applicants have never experienced:

  • Talking to a judge,
  • Being asked questions by their former employer, or
  • Making references to evidence in support of their rights.

Regardless of a person’s level of experience, knowing the rules can greatly improve your process and mindset from an unemployment loser to an unemployment winner.

You are not an unemployment loser

I agree, using the term “unemployment loser” is very negative and I encourage every person seeking benefits to approach their application and appeal with purpose.

On the other hand, I also encourage applicants, former employees or workers to approach their benefit process as if others are waiting for them to make a mistake.

In other words, know why a question is being asked and try to familiarize yourself such that your responses are strong and supported by Minnesota unemployment laws.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Unemployment is stressful.  Please contact me, and we can discuss ways to improve your claim for benefits.