Unemployment Laws in MN Everybody Forgets

Unemployment Laws
Unemployment Laws

Unemployment laws are not something people set out to read for fun.  In fact, I would guess most people have never read the statutes that impact most appeals in Minnesota.

That said, why would you?  In all seriousness, appealing benefits in MN is an unusual process.  Minus seasonal workers, most folks ever imagine being confronted with unemployment let alone an appeal.

Thus, I am going to use this brief opportunity to identify a handful of unemployment laws in Minnesota that a lot of my Clients forgot about before I advised them otherwise.

Unemployment Laws:  Where Are They?

The first thing everybody needs to know is ignorance of the law is rarely a good strategy to win an appeal.  As you can see for yourself, the one person who can get away with not knowing the rules are cops.

If your job is not related to law enforcement, then perhaps the next step is finding and reviewing Chapter 268.

Unemployment Laws:  Rules of Importance

I agree, reading unemployment statutes can be a daunting task.  As a result, I encourage starting with:

If the task of knowing where to begin is daunting, I like the idea of taking a deep breath.  Nearly everybody I meet with feels this same stress.  In my experience, employees can overcome unemployment stress by pinpointing the laws that apply to their specific situation.

Unemployment Laws:  Bad News

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of bad news that needs to be identified as well: unemployment rules in Minnesota are further defined by cases.

In other words, the muddiness of the law often get appealed by people who believe they are in the right.  Luckily, all of us can use these cases to our advantage to help diagnosis the likelihood of being successful.

Unemployment Laws:  Good News

The good news is everybody gets an opportunity to show why they are right.  In case you are new to the legal process of unemployment benefits, cases get reviewed by people called judges.

Hopefully and with specific planning, applicants can use unemployment laws to their advantage.