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Unemployment Eligibility
Unemployment Eligibility

Unemployment eligibility is a term of art in Minnesota’a world of unemployment benefits.  Luckily, this term is defined under Minnesota law 268.085.

Yes, there are dozens of condition attached to remaining eligible for benefits.

An applicant trying to guess and prove their eligibility may run into a denied claim.  Next, consider appealing an unemployment eligibility issues before it becomes final.

As an unemployment lawyer, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with applicants seeking help with eligibility issues in MN.

Unemployment Eligibility:  Minnesota’s Basics

Unemployment eligibility requires attention to detail.  The first rule is simple.  Assume it is the applicant’s responsibility to prove why they are eligible for unemployment benefits.   Then, find the rule that supports the benefit getting granted and document everything.

For many, this is where the errors being because folks assume their situation will easily support acquiring benefits.  If this were true, I wouldn’t have spent my career trying to develop this area of the law in favor of applicants.

The rules applicable to eligibility are constantly changing and being amended.  Because the rules that applied to their accounts five years ago are no longer valid, never assume the old way was good enough.

Above all, applicants seeking unemployment benefits can be proactive.  Whether the issue is looking related to the past or devoted to the future, remaining eligible is important.

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