Being Unemployed with Children is not the End

Unemployed with Children
Unemployed with Children

Being unemployed with children is hard because you are allowing yourself to think about the worst possible scenarios.  Whether you are wealthy or poor, people are the same.  We want the very best for our children.

I believe your situation is fixable and it starts right now.  So you know, unemployment benefits are not a handout.  Instead, it is an insurance product that your tax dollars funded.  Do not be afraid of the word “unemployed”.  If you lived in another country, likely you would have purchased job loss insurance.  In Minnesota, we have a different process to reduce stress as people look for new opportunities.

Thus, allow me a brief opportunity to share a handful of thoughts.  If you see a need,  keep coming back for assurance.

Unemployed with Children:  Game Plan 101

If you are unemployed with children, here are a handful of handful reminders:

  • Jobs are in demand and you can find one too.
  • As soon as you apply for a job, you give yourself hope that a phone call is right around the corner.
  • Finding a job is hard work, but you can do it.
  • Caring for smaller children will not impact your job search process.
  • Caring for older children will not impact your job search process.
  • Caring for a spouse or homebound person will not impact your job search process.
  • Yes, your cell phone is going to be your best friend while you search for jobs (don’t forget knocking on doors and using Twitter).
  • What you are trying to accomplish has been done by other people.
  • Knowing the rules will make your unemployment appeal process much easier to confront.
  • If you are denied benefits, engage the appeal process with a purpose.
  • Being denied does not mean you will lose an appeal.
  • Keep asking questions.
  • When required, do not be afraid of food support and subsidized health benefits.
  • Unconditional love is very powerful.
  • This process is temporary.