DEED in Minnesota is the unemployment offie that manages benefits, denials, and appeals.

DEED stands for Department of Employment and Economic Development.

As an unemployment lawyer, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with applicants seeking clarification on this rule and its application for benefits.

DEED in Minnesota

Getting bad or conflicting advice from unemployment office can harms people and their families.  Minnesota’s unemployment statutes are difficult.  Relying on a government agency to define issues on behalf of those in need is wrong.

Whether this is the first time an applicant has needed help or they have experienced this process in the past, every appeal is important.

Below, you will find articles and posts that discuss problems impacting applicants in MN.  Some issues are good, some issues are bad, and then there are a few that get ugly.

Thus, I hope you find value with these postings and contact me directly.

MN Unemployment Login

MN Unemployment Login: BE SMART

The MN Unemployment login page can cause problems for applicants not understanding the rules and laws for the eligibility of benefits. Their website can feel like a trick. Questions are designed to deny unemployment benefits. This means your strategy for…

The Worst Witness Selection Ever Made

Witness Selection for an upcoming unemployment hearing is a significant process.  For one, you need them to show up.  Second, you need them to tell the truth.  Third and most importantly, you need them to help your case. If you…