Unemployment’s New MN DEED Commissioner Is Who❓😱

The new MN DEED Commissioner is Steve Grove. For the thousands of people seeking unemployment benefits, forget the name. Instead, remember the title.

Amongst other duties, Minnesota’s “DEED Commissioner” manages the unemployment process. When considering an appeal, knowing the name of the new commissioner is less important than knowing when the job title can have a positive impact on one’s benefits.

New MN DEED Commissioner
New MN DEED Commissioner

I challenge you to do a quick search. Do a word search of Chapter 268 (MN unemployment laws and statutes) and look for the term “commissioner“. As you will see, Minnesota’s unemployment laws references DEED’s commissioner nearly 300 times.

DEED Commissioner is Steve Grove

Even though the new MN DEED Commissioner is Steve Grove, I believe Applicants should focus more on their personal job search process than the political structure managing the process.

Absolutely, appeal strategies change based application, evidence, and employer matters. However, focusing on the decision maker is less significant than the strategy supporting or reversing an ineligibility issue.