What If One Person Cared About Minnesota Unemployment?

Minnesota UnemploymentI take Minnesota Unemployment benefits and rules very seriously.  I believe every worker seeking unemployment generally feels anxiety, stress and sometimes confusion.

If you need help figuring out what to do, what to say, correcting an error or combating a lie, please consider contacting me or reviewing more postings on my unemployment blog.

Minnesota Unemployment – 1st Step

Every unemployment claim starts with an application.  Please, for the sake of your long-term goals, review and learn what questions in the application might be important to your case.

Minnesota Unemployment – 2nd Step

The second step for every person seeking unemployment should be the process of reviewing and understanding rule 268.095.  Yes, this rule outlines the reasons a person can receive unemployment.

More importantly, statute 268.095 outlines the reasons why a person is not eligible.

Where does Minnesota Unemployment come from?

Where an applicant’s unemployment benefits come from is really not important.  Instead, ask a better question – who cares if you get or do not get unemployment?

Your employer (former, current and future) all care about unemployment benefits because it impacts their taxes.  If you, the applicant, receives Minnesota unemployment benefits, their tax rate increases.

Additionally, our unemployment office, the Department of Employment and Economic Development or “DEED” care even more because they are having money problems.  Don’t believe me?  This website confirms Minnesota has incorrectly paid out $35 million in benefits.

In my opinion, because neither your employer or DEED want issues down the road, they will deny or appeal claims for benefits.

Are you eligible for Minnesota Unemployment?

Generally, Minnesota Unemployment is granted to Applicants if they are terminated for reasons other than employment misconduct.  Also, an Applicant can be eligible for unemployment if they quit their job and the law supports their decision to quit.

Need help?

If you need help with unemployment benefits for Minnesota, please watch this short clip and contact me for more information.