Wills for Military Veterans in Minnesota are easier when You are Alive

Wills for Military Veterans
Wills for Military Veterans

Wills for Military Veterans in Minnesota are much easier to write when the Veteran is alive.

Unfortunately, veterans who pass without a will introduce a different challenge.  Lets skip past these challenges and get straight to the point.  Why having a will before you deploy is a must.

Wills for Military Veterans: Reasons

Whether you are an E-2 or an O-8, here are a handful of reasons why you need to jump on this process:

  1. To identify a specific person as a guardian for a child.
  2. You love your spouse.
  3. You dislike an ex.
  4. Your spouse, parent, sibling or friend would make a better personal representative than a creditor.
  5. Dividing up your bank accounts and property amongst your family becomes much easier.
  6. In case your significant other is pregnant.
  7. Your children are depending on you.
  8. Reduce Probate Problems.

Seems straight forward, right?  If you want to get fancy, having a will that pours into a revocable trust is even better because it helps reduce probate all together.

Wills for Military Veterans: Supporting Documents

If my last paragraph doesn’t make sense, no worries.  Call me and we can talk it through together.

Going forward, here are a few other documents current and past Military Veterans should check out: