Social Security For Veterans: The Faster Way

Social Security For Veterans
Social Security For Veterans

Social security for Veterans who are not retired is a very common issue.  In fact, I wish more veterans who have a disability would file and seek social security benefits.

The intent of this post is to point out a special rule military veterans with a 100% permanent and total (P and T) disability rating.  The rule is simple:  vets with a hundred percent disability rating can seek an expedited claim process for social security benefits.

For the military veterans who do not have a 100%  disability rating, don’t give up.  Seeking SSDI benefits is a worthwhile process and appealable too.

Veterans With a 100% P and T Disability Rating

Whether a Vet files a claim online, by phone, or using a paper application, every applicant seeking benefits should be:

  • Identifying themselves as a Veteran
  • Adding a special remark to their paper application, and
  • Attaching and submitting their VA award letter.

Social Security for Veterans:  How Long Does it Take?

Every case is different and there is not a black and white answer.  However, military veterans who have an organized claim with supporting documents from their medical doctor seem to have the most success.

Sometimes, the Social Security Administration will send a military veteran to a government doctor for an examination.  If possible, having a diagnosis and prognosis outlined by a medical doctor or VA doctor beforehand offers the veteran a better opportunity to acquire an approved claim.

Social Security for Veterans:  Another Trick to the Process

In my experience, when SS looks at a Veteran’s claim, they are looking for two facts:

  • The military veteran is unable to work, and
  • The vet has a severe impairment.

When Social Security reviews the issue about a severe impairment, consider one of these two tests:

  • The impairment is going to last for more than a year, or
  • the impairment that will result in death.

Veterans Filing Social Security Claims

Again, there are three ways a military veteran can file a disability claim for Social Security:

  • Apply online HERE,
  • Calling the SSA at 800-772-1213, or
  • Visiting the nearest social security office.

Social Security for Military Veterans

Veterans who run into road blocks on their VA claim or social security claim can file an appeal.  If you need help with this process, please contact me directly.

I wish you the very best.