What is the Unemployment Court Fee?

Is there an unemployment court fee?  Believe it or not, the rules are different depending on whether you are an applicant or an employer. In Minnesota, there is a court fee for both applicants and employers if or when an unemployment case is appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

That said, there isn’t a court fee for applicants wishing to have their case reviewed during a phone hearing or an appeal to Minnesota’s Court of Appeals.

Costs For a Phone Hearing

No, there isn’t an unemployment court fee when an applicant or person seeks an appeal for either an appeal by phone or a request for reconsideration.

Unemployment court fee for Appeals Court?

In Minnesota, the law for whether there is a court fee for an unemployment case is outlined in Rule 103.

According to Rule 103, there are seven types of cases that support a free or zero dollar ($0) court fee for an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  For unemployment purposes, part 3(g) specifically states an appeal taken by an applicant for unemployment benefits does not require a court fee.

Do Employers Pay A Fee?

Yes, an employer in Minnesota is required to pay a court cost if they wish to appeal an unemployment claim to the Minnesota Court of Appeals or to Minnesota’s Supreme Court.

On the other hand, if an Applicant initiates the appeal, then an employer will not be required to pay a court fee.

Unemployment Costs for the Supreme Court

Yes, the a person or employer seeking an unemployment appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court is responsible for a $550, which is paid to the Clerk of Court.  Court is affirmed under rule 116. This is affirmed under Rule 116.

Right or wrong, the Supreme Court in Minnesota require any person or entity seeking an unemployment appeal to  acquire or be represented by an attorney.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

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