Can A Veteran’s Spouse Live At My VA Nursing Home Too?

A Veteran’s spouse is one of the most important people to have by their side.  This is especially true when a veteran enters a nursing home.  When the price is right, a veteran seeking a new residence at a nursing home exclusive to veterans usually want their spouse to live with them too.

Other times, the non-veteran spouse needs assistance before the veteran.  Either way, there are eligibility rules for a Veteran’s Home under Chapter 198 and Minnesota Rules under Chapter 9050.

Veteran’s Spouse Eligibility

Generally speaking, here are the eligibility rules for a veteran’s spouse.  A veteran’s spouse is eligible for care through a veteran’s home when all of the following are true:

  • The military veteran must have been a resident of Minnesota BEFORE an application into a veteran’s home is sought,
  • The spouse is 55 years of age or older and a resident of Minnesota,
  • The veteran’s spouse is without adequate means of support, and
  • The spouse is unable to properly maintain for themselves.

In my experience, a spouse and their family can do a lot of pre-planning to support this process.  Thus, if you or your family need specific feedback or assistance, please contact me directly.


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