When Love and Money contradict an Estate Plan


Love is a powerful act.  In my law practice, it brings me great joy and inspiration to see families and veterans make estate planing decisions as an act of love.

In my line of work, sometimes I see people more afraid of the nursing home, tax collector and boogie man than the fear of leaving their family in a bind.  Standing up for the people you care about starts with love.

Love and the Nursing Home

None the less, the power of talking through these issues can have significant value in the decision making process.  Just today, I had a Client turn away form money so they could reduce their nursing home commute to 1 mile.  This was an act of love.

Other times, Clients are looking to find the best way to help their spouse stay living in their home versus giving away assets to appease a government program or entity.

Each decision is difficult.  Decisions made out of love are always worth pursing.  Thus, have faith in your process.