Is September 🎒🚌 really the Best Time to Update Your Estate?

Update Your EstateShould you update your estate?  Making an update to your estate probably ranks lower than buying backpacks and looking up your child’s school bus route, but it might be more important than other fall tasks.

Here are 3 reasons why I think September is a great month to update an estate.

#3.  Immunizations are Up to Date

Very likely, you took your child, young and old, for their pre-school physical.  Whether they received immunizations or a sign off to play sports, taking them to the doctor in August made sense.  But, did you think about the person who might be required to take your child to the doctor if you the parent were sick?

Yes, it is easy to point a finger at the other parent as a back-up.  But, I like the idea of thinking through who is third in command.  Sometimes, this is Grandma or Grandpa.  Other times, it is an Uncle or Aunt.  Either way, delegating partial parental authority is an issue for every estate plan.  Update your estate because your recent doctor office visit triggered your thought process.

#2.  MEA Weekend Is Out of Site

Before you get excited about a five-day weekend in October, consider this.  Hitting the road or skies is a common for many families with school aged children.  Between now and then, you will travel maybe 2,000 miles by car, have 45 family dinners, and engage 20 separate dates of planned activities.  Certainly, nothing will go wrong.

But, if something does indeed go wrong, updating your estate to include a guardian that you believe will be a better your previous choice is an important edit.

#1. Update Your Estate Plan Because It is the Right Thing to Do

I wish I could take a softer position, but everywhere I look, people are dying.  Quite frankly, it has me second guessing nearly everything.  Maybe MEA is the perfect opportunity to make up for a lost family outing.  Or, should I focus on something else, like a home improvement project?

In my humble opinion, parents can do it all.  Edits or updates to an estate plan are not nearly as difficult as we think and likely more important than windows.  For this reason, making an update to your estate plan is the right thing to do, along with everything else you have planned.  Why?  Because Parents always seem to find a 💗way.