Older Adults Respond to the CDC

Older adults were recently told by the CDC to stay home, stay away from crowds, and stock-up on prescription medicines. But, did anybody bother asking what older adults thought?

By the way CDC, who said 60 was old? Nonetheless, here it is. Families and loved ones are now on notice. Whether serving as a guardian, trustee, and attorney-in-fact, companion, or friend, the name of the game is talking. These jobs and roles are more important now than ever before.

Reasonable people can make decisions for themselves. The best way to make this happen is to create a plan without leaning on bureaucrats or government organizations.

Create Your Own Game Plan

At any time a mature adult is not being heard or wasn’t asked, then perhaps now is the time to make that phone call or send that text.

Otherwise, consider:

  • Writing down a list of your prescriptions and doses,
  • Reach out to the administrator of your Durable Medical Equipment,
  • Contact your pharmacy about acquiring a larger supply, and
  • Make a list of emergency contacts.

All Adults Regardless of Their Age

The time to create a plan is before our senses diminish. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible and there are legal processes to help families in this situation too (spoiler alert here).

Otherwise, before we as people begin to lose one of our major senses, identify one or two people who you trust and incorporate event triggers that allow your circle of trust to make decisions through documents like:

  • Health Care Directive
  • Power of Attorney,
  • HIPPA Authorizations, and
  • Revocable Trusts.

In the meantime, let all adults, whether wise or otherwise, make reasonable decisions on their own behalf.