Why Does the Unemployment Office Use Unclear Words?

The unemployment office uses words all day long. Some are described on their website. Other words are used in their letters, yellow envelopes, or by phone.

Unfortunately, the words that get used are unclear because they encompass laws, rules, and statutes that most unemployed workers are not taking into consideration.

When the unemployment office uses unclear words, people turn to a dictionary.
Unemployment Office

Luckily, a prepared applicant seeking an appeal can help their own process by looking at other cases and examples. Generally, there isn’t going to be a perfect case just like the one being pursued.

This shouldn’t be a surprise though. After all, everybody has a different story, a different boss, and usually a different employer cutting the check.

What Does Unemployment Really Mean?

When I am looking at words like employment misconduct or wages, I like the idea of turning to Minnesota’s Chapter 268.

Minus experience, when I am trying to predict how a hearing might unfold, I start with Chapter 3310.

Using decisions that have already been made can have a positive impact on a case. Luckily, there is a free search tool for this too. Have you heard of Google Scholar?

Yes, every judge has a different style and every employer uses different strategies. Luckly, unemployed workers are resilient, tough, and ready for the road ahead.