Minnesota’s Rule on Informal Brief for Unemployment

Informal Brief for Unemployment
Informal Brief for Unemployment

An informal brief for unemployment is stressful because most times, it is the first time a person has ever written an informal brief.

Personally, I have written and advised countless applicants in Minnesota on this very issue.

Thus, please allow me an opportunity to clear the air.

Informal Brief for Unemployment – Most Important Piece

In my opinion, the rules for an informal brief are second to the legal issues.  A legal issue is a topic or question reviewed by the Court.

In many cases, if an applicant in Minnesota does not ask or present an issue, it might not get answered or reviewed.  As a result, making a list of questions is critical.  Then, I like the idea of adding or including these questions within a brief.  Again, I believe this is a critical part of an informal brief for unemployment benefits.

Informal Brief for Unemployment – One of My Jobs

One of my jobs when I advise applicants is helping them identify the issues or questions that need to be presented.  Here are a few examples:

The issue is whether the applicant quit or was discharged for employment misconduct”


The issue is whether the unemployment law judge made an error of law”

Of course, there are an infinite number of issues that can be raised.  Selecting or identifying the most important issues will help an applicant in Minnesota appealing their claim have the greatest level of success.

What is Not an Issue for an Informal Brief?

In my experience, a lot of people appealing their benefits make the mistake of focusing on non-legal issues, like facts.  Now, I am not talking about evidentiary issues.  Instead, I am talking about whether an event was portrayed as a fact.  Here are a few examples:

The issue is whether I was late to work”


The issue is whether I talked to my manager”

These are not issues generally reviewed by Minnesota’s Court of Appeals.  Of course, there are exceptions and every case is different.  In other words, please consider contacting me directly, because I think my experience can be a game changer.

Otherwise, here are additional free resources to check out.

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