Frustrated With 2019 MN Statutes and Laws? 😠

Looking for the new 2019 MN statutes and laws? Join the club. Finding a list of new rules on-line should not be hard. Unfortunately, it is very hard.

In case you didn’t know, Minnesota recently updated the website used to share information about laws and rules. Although the new website looks great, it hasn’t been updated to account for 2019 changes to Minnesota law.

Specific to the unemployed people, this is a huge problem. I say this because 2019 MN statutes may be impacted by of something called SF No. 2565 and H.F. No. 4254. In other words, these are bills proposed in 2018 by our Senate and House of Representatives and these bills will have a huge impact on unemployment laws and statutes in Minnesota.

Again, I am forced to use the word “unfortunate” because these websites have not shared with the general public which laws are revised and new and what are not.

New 2019 MN Laws: What Do You Do?

As a practicing lawyer, I need to know the most updated laws and rules. As a result, I pay for a premium on-line service through WestLaw and Lexis. Given the cost of these services, it hardly makes sense for a non-lawyer to pay for this type of access.

For folks unable to meet with an attorney, this means options are limited:

  • Blind Faith,
  • Checking Minnesota’s websites every hour on the hour,
  • Using Google Scholar,
  • Purchasing an on-line paid subscription to laws and statutes,
  • Relying on the media to report updates.

On one hand, Google Scholar might be appear as a great alternative. I do not know the computer coding behind the site, but I would imagine it relies heavily on updates to Minnesota’s page for statutes and rules.

Unemployment Law Changes in 2019

Again, the changes to the unemployment laws in Minnesota are changing. This is especially true if the changes suggested under H.F. No. 4254 get adopted in whole.

And, this will impact everybody trying to seek benefits in Minnesota. This is true because the rule changes impact the definitions section of statute 268.035 and Base Periods.

Thus, I am in favor of being extra prudent from the application process and any appeal thereafter.