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Unemployment Overpayment
Unemployment Overpayment

An unemployment overpayment is one of the most serious types of appeals or claims in Minnesota.  This is true because one of the issues is always whether an applicant should re-pay money received.

As an unemployment lawyer, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with applicants seeking help with an overpayment from their unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Overpayment:  Basics

The basics are very simple.  Minnesota’s unemployment office claims they are owed money and penalties.  Luckily, the law supports applicants who appeal or discuss these types of matters with DEED.

In general, the Minnesota laws that apply to an overpayment are found under Chapter 268.  issues include availability for work, discharge issues, fraud, penalties, interest, garnishments and related events.

The articles and problems discussed herein, are exclusive to overpayments of benefits in Minnesota.

Thus, I hope you find value in these postings and articles.

Unemployment Penalties

Unemployment Penalties Can Bite Back

Unemployment penalties are getting out of hand in Minnesota.  Even worse, unemployment laws in Minnesota are getting worse. Applicants scratching their head as a result of a sanction or penalty assigned to their overpayment can consider appealing. For those unfamiliar,…