Old Unemployment Claims From Years Ago

Old unemployment claims in Minnesota still reveal their ugly head many years after the fact as an overpayment.  Here are three ways people are reminded of an old claim:

  • Wage Garnishment
  • Nasty Letters from DEED
  • Tax Return Recoupments
Old Overpayments
Old Overpayments

Another way old unemployment claims get brought up is that moment a couple or family begins the process of buying a home or seeking credit.  

I believe the best approach of tackling an overpayment is by knowing one’s rights.

Types of Old Unemployment Claims

In general, there are two types of overpayments specific to unemployment benefits in Minnesota:

  1. An Overpayment because of Misrepresentation, and
  2. Everything Else

The laws pertaining to an overpayment in Minnesota are different based on its classification or type.

Unfortunately, the rules have changed four times in the last few years, which is past experiences may not always be right. As a result, I like the idea of reading and reviewing MN Statute 268.18.

Are Old Overpayments Still Valid?

The unemployment office gets claims wrong. Because everybody has a different story, each issue regarding validity is different too.

Old Unemployment
Old Unemployment Claims

I do not always trust the advice people are getting from outside resources. For this reason, I like the idea of doing an audit of available resources and applying the information to Unemployment’s statute of limitations.

After all, asking for help from a 900 pound gorilla can sometimes be disastrous.