The Unemployment Rate in October 🎃 Is Unrelated to an Audit

Unemployment RateNo, the unemployment rate for October does not impact the audit process.  Recently, I had somebody suggest Minnesota’s low unemployment numbers would create more problems for Applicants on the audit front.  In my experience, the current labor market is unrelated to the audit process.

On the other hand, knowing the labor market specific to a job or occupation classification can offer important information to reduce anxiety.

For those who are still concerned, I like the idea of reading through the rules and laws under Chapter 268.

Unemployment Rate in Minnesota

When reviewing the unemployment rate in October, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that construction jobs are on the decline, while information and financial jobs are on the rise.

Again though, whether the rate of available jobs is greater than or less than expected, these rates have little impact on whether or not a person will experience an audit.