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Unemployment AuditAn unemployment audit looks and feels different in every case.  In Minnesota, an audit for benefits can occur anytime.

Before proceeding with an audit or answering questions, this law office loves the idea of seeking advisement before DEED accuses you of misrepresentation.

Unemployment Audit – What Does it Look Like?

For some, an audit is a list of questions offered through their on-line account.  Other times, Applicants receive a phone call or letter.

When a business is involved, an audit for unemployment benefits can turn into a a face-to-face process.

Unemployment Audit Results

At the end of an unemployment audit, a decision is made and offered in the form of a letter.  An unfavorable audit can result in an overpayment or monetary penalty.

Luckily, an auditor’s conclusion or thoughts can be appealed when done so within a timely fashion.  Taking an UI Audit seriously starts with education.

Below, you will find information and posts about various issues related to the audit process.

Unemployment Overpayments

Witch Hunts for Unemployment Overpayments

Unemployment overpayments in Minnesota are no joke.  In the year 2016, Minnesota had a huge problem with overpayments to the tune of $79 million dollars. Hard to believe, right?  For those who doubt, check out this link. For those confronted…