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Probate in Minnesota
Probate in Minnesota

Probate in Minnesota is as difficult as the angriest family member and as simple as finding the right form.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with people and families needing help with this specific court process.

Probate:  Minnesota’s Basics

When a person dies, their property and assets get transferred onto a living heir. Other times, the property is transferred to a beneficiary.

Using Minnesota’s court system to address these issues helps heirs and family members resolve conflict and confusion.

Minnesota Probate Court

The MN transferring process can be divided into two types of cases:  formal and informal.  Unfortunately, determining which type is best can be as difficult as the process itself.

The postings and articles below address these concepts and related matters.

For those interested in meeting me one-on-one, the process is generally painless.  Otherwise, if you want to see my work up-close, I think my community education courses are fantastic.

Thus, I hope you find value in the following articles and posts.  Then, reach out for assistance with your matter.