First 2 Steps for an Informal Probate Minnesota

Informal Probate in Minnesota

The informal probate Minnesota process is different in every County.  Even though this topic can take a lot of twists and turns, do not despair.

First step to the informal probate Minnesota process

Every informal probate Minnesota process should start by identifying a point person.  The point person, also called a personal representative, is the person in charge of forms, notices, filings, administration, etc.

Yes, as long as the person is 18 years of age or older, the point person can be a spouse, child, parent, friend, sibling, or any person willing to accept the job.

Do you need a Will to complete the informal probate Minnesota process?

No, a will does not exclude you from seeking the informal probate Minnesota process.

On the other hand, if your loved one had a will, the informal probate process in Hennepin County should be much easier because the first step of seeking a point person will likely be satisfied.

What if nobody is willing to volunteer?

Keep this in mind, a creditor or any person claiming to have an interest can ask to be the point person or personal representative.

As a result, do your very best to pick a person to assist in this process. Personal Representative in Minnesota

Second step in the informal probate Minnesota process

The second step in seeking the informal probate Minnesota process is registering for e-filing.  What?

Yes, the point person (if they handle this process without help from a lawyer) should consider registering for the e-filing process.  Unfortunately, the e-filing process in Hennepin County is mandatory

Where to find forms for the informal probate Minnesota process

If you are looking for forms to help you with the informal probate Minnesota process, consider these three resources:

  1.  Minnesota’s law library,
  2. Minnesota’s Court Forms website, or
  3. You can buy forms from Miller Davis Company.

What information is needed for an informal probate Minnesota proceeding?

Every application seeking approval for the informal probate Minnesota process needs the following information, which is outlined in Minnesota rule 524.3-301:

  • An outline why you have an interest,
  • Name, birth-date, and records for the person who died,
  • If the person who died had a spouse or children, the application will require their contact information,
  • A statement on why the County you selected is appropriate,
  • Information concerning creditors (if known).

Who approves or denies an application for informal probate in Minnesota?

An application for an informal probate proceeding is accepted or approved by the County’s registrar.

If approved, the personal representative or point person can proceed with other duties and responsibilities associated with an informal probate process.

Final thoughts

Again, if you need help with this process, contact this law office for help.