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Power of Attorney in Minnesota
Power of Attorney in Minnesota

Granting a Power of Attorney to another person in Minnesota is one of the most powerful transfers of duties and privileges shared with another person.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with people and families needing help with a document granting attorney in fact rights to another person.

Power of Attorney in Minnesota

The basic concept behind using forms to administer this rule is to reduce fraud. In addition to the free forms you can find on this site, I have posted a number of articles addressing issues with this type of estate planning document.

That said, there are numerous issues related to this type of transfer.  This includes accounting and bookkeeping issues, appointments, time limits, banking transactions and contract agreements.

In addition, there are fiduciary responsibilities, guardian rights, liability issues and concerns of incapacities.

The postings and articles below address POA topics, issues and problems.