What does a Basic Will in Minnesota Look Like?

Basic Will in MinnesotaA basic Will in Minnesota addresses what happens to your stuff when you die.  In other words, a document that addresses issues like who can receive a specific gift, what will happen to your debt, how to proceed with expenses like rent, mortgage, cars, taxes, etc., and how to divide or pass along your property can be alleviated by creating a basic will in Minnesota.

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By definition, a basic will should be easy enough, right?  The most important question when deciding how to proceed with a basic will in Minnesota is who should be designated as your personal representative.  A personal representative is the person you designate as the quarterback or administrator of your stuff when you die.  Like a quarterback on a football field, a personal representative administers your stuff based on rules and your desire or wishes.  As a result, designating a personal representative under a basic will in Minnesota is an important decision.

Generally, a basic will in Minnesota is approximately five to twenty pages in length.  For this reason, a basic will doesn’t imply a quick and easy plan.  Instead, a basic will is “basic” because the quarterback has few choices that require a subjective interpretation.  Thus, a basic will in Minnesota is basic based on the plan – not the complexity of the final document.

For a document to be designated a basic will in Minnesota, the final document needs to address your specific intent, make reference to rules related to the disposition of property, be signed by you and in front of two witnesses, and viewed by a notary.

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