Hennepin County Transfer on Death Form and Photos from My Visit

Hennepin County Transfer on DeathI am not sure if you will find this interesting, but earlier today, I visited the Recorder’s Office in Hennepin County and recorded a Transfer on Death Deed.

Part of my process of drafting and filing these types of documents is visiting the nearest recorder office in Minneapolis.  As a result, I visit the downtown recorder’s office on a regular basis.

For whatever reason, including the cost of parking, a lot of folks have never visited this office.  If you or your family are looking to file a Transfer on Death Deed in Hennepin County, I recommend getting there before the lunch hour and parking near City Hall.  If you decide to visit the facility on your own, do not park in the adjacent east parking lot because the parking fees are ridiculous.

Otherwise, avoid heading downtown entirely by recording documents online or by mail.  One last note, the people who work at the Recorder’s Office are awesome, very helpful, and extremely knowledgeable.

With that, I hope this short post finds you well.