Dress Right Dress Your Estate Plan

Dress Right Dress
Dress Right Dress

As you know, dress right dress is a marching command.  Behind attention and at ease, dress right dress is one of the first marching commands we learned in the military.  Do you remember it’s meaning?

The dress-right-dress command is simple:  are you lined up with what is next to you?  As easy as it might be, wow…I saw a lot of people get smoked for failing to look right.

Anyways, let’s use this simple command (minus the folks who are getting PT-ed as we speak and apply it to our life as it stands today.

Dress Right Dress Your Estate Plan

Before you ship out to Heaven, can you please organize your docs in a specific spot?  Otherwise, your family is stuck waiting for a statement in the mail.  Unfortunately, if you opted out of your monthly statement, the wait might be even more problematic.

You already know this, but I will share it anyways.  The idea of putting things in order is critical for our children and spouse.  Usually, a spouse can pick up the pieces if this issue gets breached.  Our children, not so much.

Dress Right Dress Your Home

It blows my mind how many people are willing to send money to a mortgage company and they fail at filling out a transfer on death deed.  Obviously, these types of forms require a specialized knowledge.  But, they are usually very inexpensive and a lifesaver when crisis mode turns into a funeral.

Dress Right Dress Your Beneficiary Forms

If you took one of my community education classes, you already know this.  For those who haven’t, here it is one more time: beneficiary forms usually trump a will.  Even those amongst us who are avoiding a will can agree that acquiring copies of beneficiary forms is easy peasy.

Finally, if need help with your dress right dress, I am here.