Teenagers are Employees Too


In Minnesota, teenagers are employees too.  As our local youth look for summer jobs, sometimes employers illegally classify younger workers or make false stereotypes.

Believe it or not, teenagers (children) are more protected and have more legal rights than adults.

In fact, Minnesota devoted Chapter 181A to protect children workers.  Likewise, there are federal rules that protect teenage workers too.

Teenagers Looking for Summer Jobs

For the teenagers looking for a summer job, I encourage you to consider:

  • Applying for a job in-person,
  • Practice interview questions,
  • Keep calling “them” to see if an opportunity has opened up,
  • Job openings change on a weekly basis,
  • Dress semi-casual for your interview,
  • Put your phone away during the interview,
  • Consider knowing and applying the Fish Philosophy, and
  • Stand-Up for yourself.