Will I go to Heaven If I Die Without a Will?

Die without a Will
Die without a Will

Are you going to die without a will? Does it matter?  Will it matter once we check into Heaven?

Likely, the person at the pearly gate will not care whether we have a will.  But, our children will.

Failing to plan means your affairs will be left to the government.

I believe every person should reduce guessing and stress by deciding to die with a will.

What happens in Minnesota if we die without a will?

If a person dies without a will, their family is stuck with Minnesota’s probate plan.  Minnesota’s plan is called intestacy.  This means which Minnesota law will determine who receives all or a portion of the estate.  More significantly, Minnesota’s guardian laws will determine who becomes the next parent to our children.

Also, a Creditor can take control of the assets before a loved one…even before our own spouse.

Like you, I am not ready to die.  But, just in case I get hit by a bus – there is a plan in place to help loved ones (spouse, children, grandchildren and pets).  Thus, the laws that apply will play a significant role.

What laws apply when we die without a will?

In Minnesota, a family trying to manage an estate for a person who died without a will be forced to utilize Minnesota’s uniform probate code.  The probate laws and rules determine whether our affairs get decided through an informal or formal process.

First step after a person dies

In every case, the firs step is always the same:  what about the spouse and children.  When we put a plan in place, the guessing and time commitment can get eliminated or reduced to a minimal process.

The next step after a person dies

The next step entails picking an ideal personal representative and preparing for either an informal probate or formal probate process.

Before you die without a will

I get it – this is a difficult thing to think about.  Luckily, we have a choice before things get worse or impossible to manage.