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Employment Misconduct
Employment Misconduct

Employment misconduct is a fancy legal term in Minnesota applying to unemployment claims and related issues.

Generally, this term attaches to employees or workers who get fired from their job.   Then, the employee is compelled to fight for benefits by showing they did not engage in misconduct.

As an unemployment attorney, my goal is to educate others on this legal term of art.

Employment Misconduct in MN

Employment misconduct is a legal term defined by law.  In addition to case law, this term is defined under MN Stat 268.095.

In geneal, misconduct is defined as an intentional, negligent, or indifferent act.  Because this term is very broad, this term of art is further deinfed by nearly 4,000 legal cases.

The postings and articles below address these cases, discharges and other termination issues.

Thus, I hope you find value in the following articles and posts.  Then, reach out for assistance with your matter.