Salary for this Job Was What⁉️ Unemployed and Wondering 😲

Wages and salary for unemployed workers matter, especially when seeking a job offer. On the other hand, not knowing what you are worth can be a problem.

Even worse, the fear of remaining unemployed can cause job seekers to panic and take a low ball proposal.

Knowing about the following information is extremely relevant to those anticipating a job offer or needing assistance in the negotiation process.

Salary For My Job?
Salary For My Job?

For these reasons, a lot of people start searching for salary reports online. Some, pay for a specialized report because paying for a report specific to an industry or employer feels different.

That said, I believe a lot of these same people are wasting their time, money, and energy because this information is free and even more importantly, unbiased.

Salary For Minnesota Jobs?

Before paying or subscribing to a bogus website about a salary for debate, check out these free resources:

The reason I like the website previously mentioned is because it allows me to view wages and salaries for specific counties within Minnesota.

Also, I can look at data specific to an occupation, industry, and firm size. Even more importantly for those who are unemployed or seeking benefits here in Minnesota, the reports are free and updated on a quarterly basis.

Hourly Wage For MN Jobs?

Let’s be real. Salaries and wages mean one thing: how much are you getting paid. Start by learning about “median“. No, not your shirt size, but a term used by those crunching numbers.

Hourly Wage
What Should I Make?

To get things started, I recommend checking out data from this link and checking back:

Although information from BLS is likely more detailed, it it isn’t updated nearly as often as Minnesota’s site. But, old news can sometimes be just as important as new news.

Anyways, the easy way to think about an occupational wage median is to think of it as the middle. In other words, what are most people earning at a job similar to the one you are looking for?

Of course, the hard way of thinking about your wage median is by looking here for Wikipedia answers.

Again, the reason I am bringing this issue up is because unemployed workers need to be prepared for a job offer.

Salary For Summary

To summarize, I desperately want to see more unemployed people use the websites above to assist them in their job search process so they know how to response when a job offer comes through.