5 Ways Estate Planning and the NBA Draft are Different

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Estate planning is a wonderful thing.  But, who can focus on an estate when the NBA lottery is unfolding?

If you are like me, seeing the cards for each franchise and pick is exciting for about a minute.  After that, reality sets in.

Luckily, estate planning is a lot different than the NBA lottery.  Oh sure, a lottery can be exhilarating, but then, normal day stuff takes over.

For this reason, I want to quickly identify 5 ways estate planning and the 2017 NBA lottery are different:

5. Nobody other than my family, needs to know the plan (or pick).

4. We can make choices without the permission of government (commissioner) rules.

3. We are not dependent on ping-pong balls (lottery)  to decide our fate.

2. We can make different choices than our family members (or other NBA teams).

1. None of us can guarantee we will be here on June 22, 2017 ( date for the NBA draft).