This News Story Makes Me 😤

Did you hear about the distracted teen driver who given a ticket for driving 97 mph while participating on a video conference call? I was red hot angry after I heard about this story.

Like you, I use our roads to travel to and from. When I saw the story about speeding and using their cell phone, I immediately recalled a quote from a world renowned professor and author when he said:

People are negligent all day long

Author & Law Professor

Certainly though, there is a line between stupidity and negligence. Many legal practitioners draw this line by distinguishing between reckless and otherwise. No, I am not trying to throw the first stone. Instead, all I can think about is everything that could have gone wrong.

Luckily, the teen driver was pulled over before another tragedy. But, this is the time of year we read about teen tragedies. When our teens are 18 years of age or older, parents are left holding the bag. Here is why.

Distracted Drivers and Teenagers

When a young adult or teen is injured, their family and parents may run into roadblocks without having certain documents in place.

I will admit that the 18 year old child inside me didn’t realize the value of life either. Also, I was convinced I was going to live forever. Now, I am not so sure.

Driving 97 mph for any person not racing a motor vehicle on a professional level is reckless. For these reasons, I like the idea of parents teaching their children about the significance of a back-up plan.

A backup plan for teenagers who are near adulthood might include:

Without a back-up plan, we are all vulnerable to a distracted driver.