Appealing the Veterans Bonus Program

The Veterans Bonus Program in Minnesota is not perfect.  Being a Veteran or a friend of a Veteran doesn’t mean you shouldn’t raise a stink.

Luckily, there is an appeal process for incomplete or unfair allocations.

Veterans Bonus Program Eligibility

First, the same person who is eligible for benefits can appeal a determination.  This includes:

Veterans Bonus Program

  • The Veteran,
  • The Veteran’s guardian or conservator
  • A personal representative
  • Beneficiary
  • A Beneficiary’s guardian, and or
  • Anybody who filled out the original application for benefits.   

Monetary Benefits of the Veterans Bonus Program

Based on Minnesota law, the monetary benefit for this MN Vet program $300, $600 and $2,000.  Each level has different requirements, which you can read about here.

Veterans Bonus Program Goes Bad

In my experience, this program fails when a veteran or their representative misunderstands the application.  Other times, a Veteran or their representative forgets to seek this benefit.

Either way, every Minnesota veteran or military family should be seeking information on whether they are eligible for this benefit.  Assuming eligibility isn’t an issue, apply.  If the application gets denied, appeal.

Veterans Bonus Program Appeals

When required, the appeal process is very straightforward.  The best guide for perfecting an appeal is outlined under Minnesota statute 197.79 and says the following:

Upon notification that the department’s determination of the bonus amount is less than the bonus amount requested by the applicant in the application, the applicant may appeal the department’s determination and request a review by the commissioner. The appeal and request for review must be made in writing within 60 days of the department’s mailing of its determination. Following receipt by the department of an applicant’s appeal and request for review by the commissioner, no payment shall be made by the department to the applicant until the review has been completed. For such review, the applicant may submit additional information to supplement the information provided in the application, and may request that the review be conducted either: (1) through written correspondence; or (2) in person with the commissioner. The commissioner shall act upon an appeal and request for review within seven working days of its receipt by the department. Following review by the commissioner of the application and any additional information submitted or presented by the applicant, the commissioner’s determination is final. Any expenses incurred by the applicant as the result of the applicant’s appeal and request for review are the obligation of the applicant.

When a Veteran is unable to act on their own behalf, using a VA Power of Attorney form can be effective.  However, every situation is different and seeking professional feedback from a Veteran’s Attorney is highly encouraged.