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Revocable Trust in Minnesota
Revocable Trust in Minnesota

Revocable trusts in Minnesota is a specific legal document.  This type of document helps families to transfer assets before and after death without the assistance of a courtroom.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with people and families needing help with a document of this nature.

Revocable Trusts:  Minnesota’s Basics

A trust is a contract with ourselves.  When we get sick, ill or are unable to make choices using our free will, a trustee can step in on our behalf.

A revocable trust is one of the most significant legal documents a person can create on behalf of themselves and their families.   Unfortunately, people wait way too long to make decisions.

The postings and articles below address trusts of all kinds, including revocable trusts.

For those interested in meeting me one-on-one, I think my community education courses are fantastic.

Thus, I hope you find value in the following articles and posts.  Then, reach out for assistance with your matter.