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MisrepresentationMisrepresentation of unemployment benefits in Minnesota is a scary phrase.  This is especially true when it is attached to your unemployment account.

Since a recent rule change, MN does not freely use the term “fraud” like they did in the past. Even so, the process in reviewing these types of unemployment claims is the same.

Luckily, Applicants have rights, which is the intent of many posts and articles herein.

Unemployment Misrepresentation or Fraud

From a legal perspective, these terms are nearly the same thing until a Court rules otherwise.  But, this is hardly the issue most relevant to Applicants.

People who acquired unemployment are concerned with this issue because it means higher monetary penalties and risks being prosecuted under Minnesota’s criminal laws.

Again, Applicants have rights and the goal is to reduce a fraudulent claim down to a non-fraud claim.   This is important because DEED (Minnesota’s unemployment office) uses different rules when benefits are not misrepresented.

Thus, I hope you find value in the following posts and articles about unemployment fraud.

Unemployment Penalties

Unemployment Penalties Can Bite Back

Unemployment penalties are getting out of hand in Minnesota.  Even worse, unemployment laws in Minnesota are getting worse. Applicants scratching their head as a result of a sanction or penalty assigned to their overpayment can consider appealing. For those unfamiliar,…

Unemployment Stuck

Unemployment Stuck is a Messy Process

Unemployment stuck describes the person who does not know how to proceed with their appeal. First, thank you for coming back to my site.  Second, yes, I am biased because I believe my insights and experience can become very valuable…

Minnesota Unemployment Fraud

When a person is accused of Minnesota unemployment fraud, the first two feelings generally felt is stress and fear.  I believe every Applicant seeking benefits has the power to clear their name. Generally, most Applicants are tripped up when answering their weekly benefit…

Unemployment Fraud

How do I know if I am guilty of Unemployment Fraud MN?

Unemployment fraud MN is defined in two areas under Minnesota law. First, unemployment fraud MN is is defined under Minnesota statute 268.18 as any person who receives unemployment benefits by knowingly misrepresenting, misstating, or failing to disclose any material fact, or who makes…