How do I know if I am guilty of Unemployment Fraud MN?

Unemployment fraud MN is defined in two areas under Minnesota law.Unemployment Fraud MN

First, unemployment fraud MN is is defined under Minnesota statute 268.18 as any person who receives unemployment benefits by knowingly misrepresenting, misstating, or failing to disclose any material fact, or who makes a false statement or representation without a good faith belief as to the correctness of the statement or representation, has committed fraud.

Second, unemployment fraud can turn into theft under Minnesota statute 609.52.  This is in addition to potential criminal penalties and or administrative penalties supported under Minnesota statute 268.182.

What should you do if you are accused of Unemployment Fraud MN?

Although the unemployment office sometimes miss-classifies unemployment fraud issues, approach an accusation like this with extreme care and diligence.  This is true because time is not on your side.  In other words, Minnesota law has time restrictions that requires you to file an appeal by a certain date.  If you don’t file an appeal accordingly, it could bring forth unintended consequences and bar your rights.

Does Unemployment Fraud MN happen a lot?

As the request for unemployment benefits becomes increasingly more complicated, unemployment fraud MN is occurring more and more frequently.  Although not exclusive to unemployment fraud, in the year 2012, the Minnesota unemployment office overpaid applicants more than eighty-five million dollars ( $85,000,000) in unemployment benefits.  Since the year 2009, an unemployment overpayment has become twice as likely to occur as it did in previous years.

What is the process for Unemployment Fraud MN?

Specific to unemployment fraud under rule 268.105, you can appeal an unemployment overpayment.  Generally, an appeal related to an MN Unemployment Overpayment follows the same procedures and steps as that required during other levels of the unemployment appeal process.

The process for unemployment fraud under Minnesota statute 609.52 depends on the County, the amount owed, and whether or not you are seeking an appeal through the unemployment process.

What is the difference between Non-Fraud and Unemployment Fraud MN?

A Minnesota Unemployment Overpayment is classified under two categories: a nonfraud unemployment overpayment or a fraudulent unemployment overpayment.  Other than the criminal component, the biggest different is an a fraudulent claim can affect your credit history, professional licensing, and the monetary penalties and interest are more significant than those imposed for a nonfraud unemployment overpayment

Although the process for a fraud and non fraud under rule 268.105 is the same, your rights are different and the burden of proof is different.

What should you do about Unemployment Fraud MN?

Yes, you have rights when accused of unemployment fraud MN, but you need to act fast.  If to much time expires and you do not properly file an appeal, you will automatically waive your right to reduce or negate your unemployment overpayment.

Should you hire a lawyer for Unemployment Fraud MN?

Unfortunately, yes, this is likely an issue that you will need help from a lawyer.  Of course, you have the right to proceed without a lawyer.  However,th consequences specific to fraud can be severe.  As a result, you should consider proceeding with care.

If you want to review your rights or need help understanding the process, please consider contacting this law office for help