Having a Game Plan for a Surprise Deployment

Surprise Deployment
Surprise Deployment

A surprise deployment can feel like a kick to the stomach.  I know firsthand wearing the uniform and serving our country is a calling.  I believe in that calling too.  But, family first.

Before you pack your c-bag, ask yourself the following:  can my family act on my behalf while I am gone?  I believe documents offered by JAG are great.  Military families with Minnesota ties can do better.

Surprise Deployment Checklist

Deployment Checklist
Deployment Checklist

At a minimum, here is a short checklist I believe is helpful to Minnesotans (National Guard and Reservists) encountering a deployment:

  1. Clarifying health insurance incase your policy expires while deployed,
  2. Giving notice to our employer(s) and customers,
  3. Using a Minnesota form to delegate child care,
  4. Double checking beneficiaries for financial accounts,
  5. Attaching a Pay on Death (POD) to checking and savings account,
  6. Making sure my spouse has has a durable power of attorney,
  7. Completing a VA Hospital healthcare directive,
  8. Completing a non-military health care directive,
  9. Implementing a power of attorney form specific to my branch of the military,
  10. And for some, engaging a revocable trust.  

Thus, before heading out on your TDY or military deployment, lets talk about the bigger picture.