How to Make PCA Unemployment Benefits Easier for Yourself

PCA UnemploymentPCA unemployment or unemployment for a Personal Care Assistant is getting more and more difficult.  Here are three tips:

  • Make sure you know when your job ends;
  • Document your conversations with a TPA;
  • Always document your job search process.  

I believe every PCA is trying to do the right thing by serving a person in need.  Often this can include a family member.

If you are a PCA and trying to seek unemployment, here are a few steps specific to the process of gaining unemployment.

Bad news for PCA Unemployment

One of the worst days for any PCA is the day their client passes.  This day can be even more detrimental when it is a loved one.  Unfortunately, the unemployment office is very unforgiving.

PCA Unemployment tip #1:  Make sure you know when your job ends.  

No, a job does not end when the person you are caring for is dead.  Yes, it is easy to assume why this might be true.  On the other hand, I prefer the process of seeking clarification from the benefit provider or TPA (Third Party Administrator).

Good news for PCA Unemployment

It is always good news when a PCA is communicating with family and the TPA.

PCA Unemployment tip #2:  Document your conversations with a TPA or agency

Just like you would never leave a pot of boiling water on the stove while you cared for a person in need, never end or leave the PCA relationship without talking or communicating with the TPA.

In other words, it can never hurt to seek clarification from the organization, agency or party in charge of paying for your PCA wages.  If you do not know who to contact or the person you believe is your point person is the same person you cared for, very likely this would be a good opportunity to begin the process of protecting your best interests too.

Again, protect yourself by documenting your conversation so you can utilize notes if needed.

PCA Unemployment and your job search

The process of a job search is a common element for PCA unemployment seekers.  For one, Minnesota law requires unemployed applicants to seek work.  This is outlined under rule 268.085.

PCA Unemployment tip #3:  Always document your job search process.  

Workers who identify themselves as a personal care assistant, where to look for work is generally a non issue.  On the other hand, a person who left a non-traditional role (any job other than a PCA) will likely find the rules governing the availability of suitable work troublesome.

In my experience, it is rare to find past or present personal care assistant who does not have conflicts with defining their job search process while trying to seek or become eligible for unemployment benefits in Minnesota.

Thus, this element of the PCA unemployment process is critical.

Need help?

In my experience, every PCA has a different experience while trying to seek or collect unemployment.  Please contact me if you need help.