My Notary is RULONA 🍋 and they live on the Second Floor

RULONA is a fancy acronym sweeping through Minnesota.  If you are wondering what the fuss is all about, RULONA stands for the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts.

Starting in January, the laws for notaries will be changing. Like you, I am interested in these rule changes.

A lot of people rely on this rule for their estate plan, real estate transactions, affidavits, and business dealings.  As described by various public service websites, RULONA replaces the existing Chapters 358 on notaries, and includes the Remote Online Notarization Act.

In my experience, far too many people take for granted the rules imposed upon a notary.  Nonetheless, take a quick peak at a few of the changes impacting nearly all of us.

RULONA Headlines

Here are a few headlines regarding this update to Minnesota’s notary rules:

  • It creates a more detailed “Remote Online Notarization Act”,
  • Provides feedback on recording,
  • Outlines who is authorized to perform notary acts, and
  • Develops a “security” process for a stamp.

Of course, there are many more highlights, which were described by Minnesota’s legislature here.