Money vs. Your Maximum Medical Improvement

WComp MaximumA maximum medical improvement is a date in time used by injured workers in Minnesota.

Generally, a doctor reviewing your worker compensation injury will give an opinion that on a certain date, you are unlikely to see additional recovery to your injury.

Minnesota laws for maximum medical improvement

Yes, as of the date of this article, Minnesota has a specific rule or statute defining a maximum medical improvement.  Statute 176.011, subd. 13 defines maximum medical improvement.

On the other hand, please know that worker compensation laws in Minnesota use the laws in place at the time of your injury versus the laws in place today.  In other words, a worker trying to define their maximum medical improvement date should utilize the laws in place as of the date of their injury.

Where can you find old laws on a maximum medical improvement

An injured worker or family member trying to research information for a maximum medical improvement can find old laws HERE.

Lawyers conducting research on the rules applicable to a worker injured and needing help with an improvement issue should conduct research found HERE.

Most important case about maximum medical improvement

One of the most important worker compensation case in Minnesota about a maximum medical improvement is Hammer v. Mark Hagen Plumbing & Heating.

Basically, this case helps workers understand that a maximum medical improvement must be reached on all work injuries before temporary total disability benefits can be discontinued.Maximum Medical Improvement

This means a worker hurt in Minnesota should be entitled to temporary total disability benefits if they have not reached their maximum medical improvement.

Do you want a maximum medical improvement?

The end goal for every injured worker should be the same: get back to 100% without pain and continue on with your career choice.  It is my opinion that a worker does not want a doctor to tell them they have reached their max for improvement until there is 100% recovery.

Yes, a worker’s maximum medical improvement can impact settlements.  As a result, please educate yourself on this topic or seek advisement.

Help with your maximum medical improvement

If you need help with questions specific to a medical improvement issue, please contact this law office.