Federal Work Comp is a FECA Matter

The Federal Work Comp program is an interesting set of rules based on FECA. In its long form, FECA is better known as the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act.

Yes, FECA helps compensate Civilian officers and employees when they are injured or hurt at work.

Because the federal claim process is unique and different from state worker compensation programs, knowing who is covered and how is not is even more critical.

FECA Protects Gov’t Workers

In general, the Federal Work Comp program helps:

  • Civilian Employees
  • Civilian Officers
  • Volunteers to the Civil Air Patrol
  • Members of the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps
  • Peace Corps Volunteers
  • Job Corps Enrollees
  • Volunteers in Service of America
  • Members of the National Teacher’s Corps
  • Some Student Employees
  • Some Law Enforcement Officers not employed by the United States
  • And various other people who provide services to the US Government

Federal Work Comp Laws

Federal work comp laws are discussed in a variety of locations. First, the rules that protect federal workers can be found within Chapter 81 of the US Code.

Federal Work Comp

Second, the rules protecting Civil Service employees are found within Title 20, Part 10 in the Code of Federal Regulation. Third, the twist and turns the above rules take and build upon.

As a result, instead of working through the rules and trying to figure out which law applies, please consider reaching out for help.