Estate Lawyer Edina MN – Estate and Probate Lawyer in Minnesota

Estate Lawyer Edina MN

Estate Lawyer Edina MN

Yes, you found an Estate Lawyer Edina MN.  I serve military families and non-military families needing help with an estate plan, funeral issues and probate claims.

Specific to an estate plan, I believe any sting impacting your family dynamic starts by preparing an estate plan as you wish and desire.

In my experience, facilitating this process helps reduce stress, conflict, maybe anxiety and or the unknown.

My office is located near City Hall and behind the Perkins Restaurant.  If you know Edina, then likely you have driven by my office.

Thus, Together, we can walk through this process as one.

Estate Lawyer Edina MN Legal Services

Seeking help from an Estate Lawyer Edina MN can range from:

  1. One-on-one Consultations,
  2. Drafting documents and memorandums,
  3. Document review,
  4. Representation during the probate process, and
  5. On-going advocacy at your discretion.

Because every person and every family dynamic is different, every plan is different too.

Estate Planning Classes I Host and Teach

If you are curious who I am and what my values are, I encourage you to check out one of the classes I teach through the Community Ed Department in Richfield, Minnesota or Adult Enrichment Dept. in Bloomington Minnesota.

Upon doing so, seeking help from an estate attorney from Edina MN becomes a little easier.

Estate Lawyer Edina MN Does What?

Every estate plan is different.  Rich or poor, I start with a person’s specific goals and  concerns first.

Sometimes, having a meeting to discuss your goals out-loud is the best way to pinpoint your objectives.

 Estate Attorney Questions During a Consultation

Talking about death or what happens to your stuff when you die is not easy.  Individuals and couples get nervous.

If you are considering a meeting with an Estate Lawyer Edina MN, consider this short list of potential topics:

  • Are you married?  If yes, have you ever been divorced?
  • Do you have children?
  • In case you die, have you considered a potential guardian for your children?
  • Do you have specific belongings that you want to give to a loved one or friend?
  • Do you have a plan for your pet?
  • If you are not able to think for yourself, who can you trust to make decisions for you?
  • Is a Revocable Trust right for you and your family?
  • What if I was in the military?
  • Can I change my estate plan?
  • Any question you important.

Estate Attorney in Edina Minnesota and Beyond

When a person dies, things go wrong.  Rarely, do folks live, die and get buried in Edina, MN.  As much as I love this area, that is a lot to ask.

In addition to those residing in Edina, I help people, families and veterans in Richfield, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Bloomington and of course, well beyond the city limits.

Thus, my job is to follow the person’s wishes.  Whether that includes nearby or traveling outside the Twin Cities.

What values make up this law office and their Estate Lawyer in Edina MN?

It is the opinion of IAJ Law, LLC that a professional relationship with an Estate lawyer in Minnesota is formed using three simple rules:

  1. Do What Is Right,
  2. Service over Self, and
  3. Show you Care.

    Edina Estate Attorney MN

    Edina Estate Attorney MN

That said, the number one rule this law office abides by is the Golden Rule.

Contact an Estate Lawyer Edina MN

If you are looking for Estate Lawyer in Edina Minnesota, nearby or just need help in general,  please contact me directly.