Scared to Edit Your Will in Minnesota?

Edit Your Will in MinnesotaAre you looking to edit your will in Minnesota?  Great!  Here we go…

First, let’s acknowledge having a Will in Minnesota is better than dyeing with no will.

That being said, there are significant risks when you want to edit your will in Minnesota.

Why do you wan to edit your will in Minnesota?

If you need to edit your will in Minnesota, likely you had a change in your family.  A second reason to edit a will is because there was a new rule or law.

On the other hand, editing your current will can impose severe risks and bring more problems than you likely have time to worry about.  For this reason, I think starting from scratch is the preferable method.

However, some people are stuck in their ways and still want to edit their will and risk contradiction or ambiguity.  Thus, here we go.

Edit your will in Minnesota using a codicil

A “codicil” in Minnesota is a supplement or addition to a will.  This means a person is not disposing or terminating their will, but modifying it.

Yes, a person can edit a will in Minnesota by implementing a “codicil.”  The formalities of a codicil are the same as creating a new will.

Because the process is the same, making a new will can be much less risky.  Edit Your Will in Minnesota

Other problems with editing your will in Minnesota include…

  • People loose their will,
  • Family members didn’t know there was a codicil,
  • A codicil contradicts a statement in the will,
  • The codicil make things less clear, or
  • Your codicil was written under duress or a different mental state.

What should you do first if you want to edit your will in Minnesota?

If you are considering whether or not you want to edit your will in Minnesota and how to proceed, best practices suggests seeking help from an estate lawyer and starting from scratch.

Otherwise, creating a supplement to your will or looking to edit your will in Minnesota might cause issues or adversely alter your intentions.