I Have No Will Because I Can’t Make Up My Mind

Dying  with no will makes sense for some, but does it really?  Recently, I met with a person who didn’t want a will because they couldn’t identify who should receive their stuff.  This particular person was unmarried and had no children.

As much as I dislike the government telling me how to divide up my property, Minnesota has an estate distribution law when a person dies with no will.  The law that may apply in a situation like this Minnesota statute 524.2-103.  In my practice, I call this the “I cannot make up my mind” law.

Yes, it is perfectly reasonable to have doubt or change one’s mind.  Other times, people lean on charity or grant their affairs to a specific organization.  If it helps, take a look at what a good-hearted individual did in Afton.

Anyways, there is no right or wrong answer.  On the other hand, having an answer is better than having Minnesota apply the “I cannot make up my mind” law.