Can the Military Really Cancel their Cell Phone Contract?

cancel cell phone contractYes, using the cancel cell phone contract rule in Minnesota can help military families (spouses and their children).

Luckily, there are consumer transaction laws in Minnesota that help our service men and women end or cancel their contracts without penalties.

Law to Cancel Cell Phone Contract

Yes, Minnesota statute 325g.54 supports terminating a cell phone contract without penalty for a person serving in active duty or their spouse.

Specifically, the rule says a person with orders into active duty, for deployment, or for a permanent change of duty station can cancel their cell phone without penalty.

Of course, any member of the military having problems with their cell phone company should consider using an attorney to enforce their rights.  In fact, there might even be monetary remedies available to the military family impacted by an unfair cell phone company.

What about those going to Basic Training?

The rules are very gray.  Absolutely, every person entering the military should reference this rule.

On the other hand, a person serving in the armed forces likely needs papers to support their claim.  Very likely, the process of tech school or there after might be strong enough to validate a claim for cancellation.

What about Guard and Reserves?

The rule makes reference to a deployment into active duty.  A member in the Guard or Reserves on a TDY or deployed with their unit might very well have success using this rule to their advantage.

I am from Minnesota but serving elsewhere

Every member of the military can identify a personal place of residence.  If you paying Minnesota taxes or you can link yourself back to Minnesota, this rule can very likely serve a significant purpose in the process to cancel cell phone.

Need more help?

If you are serving in the military, from Minnesota and using the cancel cell phone contract rule with no success, please contact me for help.